The Consulting Company

In 2014 we setup ourself a vision to conquer in our field and we are striving to accomplish that. 2014 was the year we started LnS Systems and Services with focus on taxation (direct tax, indirect tax), tax preparation, financial services. After valuable experience of 3+ years PAN India launch, we started LnS Infotech in 2017 with additional global focus on tax consultation, software consultation, staffing services, medical billing (RCM).

The Mission

We strive to do better everyday. We aim to bring highest level of client satisfaction. The company believes in ensuring the highest standard of ethics in all its work to maintain Independence, Integrity and Objectivity.

About Us

We are committed to provide best in class services, solutions and to cater day in day out need of corporate, businesses, individuals, end users and partners.

We have diversed skills of tax and software professional team and can do software engineering development work, testing, DevOps, implementation, roll outs, support and operation. We provide tax compliance services like tax preparation, filing, reports. We can manage end to end software engineering projects under defined requirements, guidelines and deadline. We also provide consultation on ERP, consulation on technology and process advancement in software development practice.

LnS Infotech is formed as one of the companies under group LnS Systems and Services. We have sound history of 14 years software industry experience in development, testing, business intelligence, implementation, roll out, support, project management, Agile methodology scrum management, release management, vendor management. We also have one of the founders having 17 years experience in indirect taxation, direct taxation, tax compliance, audits, financial services.

We understand support KPIs in software industry like SLA, SLO, CSAT, CPO, NPS. Software development KPIs - cost reduction, increase high time availability, software backups, automation, mobility. Finance services KPIs - time bound serivce, legally compliant etc.


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